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26th May 2019

Brexit party forecast to win European Elections as Labour and Conservatives haemorrhage seats

James Dawson

A big night for Nigel Farage and the Lib Dems

Projections for the results of the European elections have suggested that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will receive the most seats of any party in the UK, with Lib Dems in second and Labour in third.

The forecast, posted to social media by Britain Elects, suggests that the Brexit Party will take 24 MEP seats, the Lib Dems 15 (up 14), Labour 14 (down six), the Conservatives 10 (down nine), the Greens four (up one), the SNP two (remaining the same) and Plaid Cymru one (remaining the same).

It is thought that turnout at the elections is slightly higher than 2014, with 38 per cent of the public casting their ballot, compared to from 36 per cent last time around.

If correct, results would be in line with Europe as a whole with the combined vote of the Labour’s social democratic grouping and the Conservatives grouping projected to drop so they make up less than half of the European parliament as a whole.