Boris Johnson's approval rating tanks to all-time low, according to new YouGov poll 7 months ago

Boris Johnson's approval rating tanks to all-time low, according to new YouGov poll

The news comes amid fallout from the alleged Christmas parties at Downing Street controversy

Boris Johnson's approval rating as prime minister has plummeted to an all-time low, according to YouGov.


According to the pollsters, the Conservative leader currently sits at a net favorability of -42, with just 24 per cent of people asked having a "favourable" opinion of him.

This is an 11 point drop on the last time YouGov asked this question, on November 18.


YouGov's poll comes just days after Opinium found that a majority of the public think the prime minister should resign from his position.

The negative polling results come at the end of a chaotic week for Johnson and the Conservative party, as reports continue to emerge of Christmas parties at Number 10 last December when lockdown measures were in place across the country.

Before this, Johnson's government had already had to deal with the scandal surrounding Owen Patterson and lobbying in government and the controversy of MPs with second jobs.


However Johnson isn't the only major politician to suffer a drop in popularity.

Despite Labour seeing better results in the polls, public opinion of Sir Keir Starmer continues to be low, with the Labour leader having a net favorability of -14, one point down on December 1.

Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak sits on -3 and Liz Truss on -22 - but more unpopular than even Boris Johnson himself is Home Secretary Priti Patel, who currently had a net popularity of -47.


The prime minister is also facing a rebellion from within his own party, as MPs voice their anger at new covid-19 restrictions brought in earlier this week to tackle the threat of the Omicron variant.

These include more place requiring visitors to wear masks and the introduction of vaccine certification for large-scale public events.

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