‘Blue balls’ is a real-life condition and not a myth made up by teenage boys, doctor confirms 2 weeks ago

‘Blue balls’ is a real-life condition and not a myth made up by teenage boys, doctor confirms

It doesn't mean you're owed an orgasm, just fyi

An Australian doctor has spoken about 'blue balls' and how it's actually a medical condition and not something men made up to guilt trip their partners into sex.


'Blue balls' are a long debated subject and are described as the pain a man feels in his testicles when experiencing prolonged arousal without climax. Even Dr Sam Hay thought that blue balls were an "urban myth" that suggested your "balls will go blue and they'll fall off."

"I thought it was a complete excuse for guys to get off — but it's actually true," he added in a radio interview with Kyle and Jackie O.

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He continued to say that men can experience a painful "pressure" in their testicles but it has nothing to do with a dangerous level of semen building up. Instead, it's simply an increase in blood flow.

Hay explained: "If you become aroused for a long time, you get lots of blood going down to the testicles and it increases the pressure… If you don't [ejaculate] then that pressure becomes achy," Hay stated, describing a concept known in medical circles as "epididymal hypertension."

He also said that, while the testicles don't turn full-Smurf, they do have a "sort of blue hue" because the veins carrying blood become engorged.


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In terms of pain, Dr Joshua Gonzalez told Buzzfeed that "it's typically described as an ache or throbbing sensation."

The idea of blue balls plays into the wider conversation surrounding informed consent. Women have spoken openly in the past about being manipulated into sex because they've been told the unimaginable pain is their fault.


As one user wrote on Girls ask Guys: "A guy I was making out with was touching me, and I was touching him. He was all over me, and I started to feel his d**k through his pants. He whispered that he had a h**d-on, and I continued to kiss him.

"I wouldn't have sex with him though, because he pushed me on the bed, and I felt really pressured. The next day, he said I gave him blue balls?

"What does that mean exactly? Is that bad?"

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