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02nd Mar 2022

Bizarre ‘alien’ creature spotted on Australian streets after huge rainfall

Charlie Herbert

Alien creature on streets of Australia

No one has been able to identify the creature

A bizarre ‘alien’ creature has washed up on the streets of Australia as the country’s east coast is hit by heavy rainfall, prompting major flood warnings.

The weird thing was discovered on Monday (February 28) by jogger Harry Hayes whilst he was jogging through the Marrickville suburb of Sydney.

He shared a clip of the creature to his social media and has said that he thinks it’s “some kind of embryo.”

Hayes told LADbible: “My gut says it’s some kind of embryo but with covid, World War III, and the floods [going on right now] this could very well be an alien.”

The University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales have both been unable to identify the creature and one biologist has taken to Twitter to try and establish what it is.

The emergence of the creature on the streets of Australia comes after the country’s east coast has been hit by a ‘rain bomb,’ causing flooding in the region.

The heavy rainfall has drenched Brisbane and Queensland and has now made its way towards New South Wales and Sydney.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology issued life-threatening flash flooding and high wind warnings across the state of New South Wales on Tuesday.

“Heavy rainfall which may lead to flash flooding is forecast to develop over parts of the Hunter and Metropolitan, Illawarra, South Coast and parts of Central Tablelands and Southern Tablelands Forecast Districts during Wednesday,” the bureau said. “Six-hourly rainfall totals between 80 and 120mm are likely.”

The warning also added that winds could reach 90kph (56mph) along the coast.

The Guardian reports that residents in west and north-west Sydney have had to evacuate their homes because of the rainfall after a dam burst.

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