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12th Mar 2019

A church in Bicester is holding daily ‘Brexit prayers’ for its congregation until March 29th

At this point, divine intervention is probably our best and only hope

Oli Dugmore

At this point, divine intervention is probably our best and only hope

A small church is holding daily prayers until March 29, the UK’s supposed date of departure from the European Union, for its concerned congregation.

Theresa May will present her withdrawal agreement to the Commons for a second time this evening, expecting an overwhelming defeat after the DUP and ERG both ruled out supporting it. She needs a total of 116 MPs to change their minds, having lost by the largest margin in House of Commons history last time – 432 votes against to 202 for.

My local church is holding Brexit prayers from r/ukpolitics

The “prayer for Brexit” will take place at Bicester Methodist church for half an hour every morning up to March 29. A note in the church’s Sunday notices said:

PRAYER FOR BREXIT. As we move towards the advanced stages of negotiations over Britain’s future relationship with Europe, prayer is vital. Only God knows the best solution to it all. Bicester Methodist Church will be open for prayer and quiet reflection every morning from 9.15 to 9.45am through to 29th March. Please do come if you are able.

Church notes also list a specific “prayer about Brexit” from the Evangelical Alliance “for our leaders” and “for our neighbours.”

It reads:

God in heaven, we pray for our leaders, that you would give them wisdom and courage. We pray for our neighbours, that we would be able to speak love and peace to them. We pray for ourselves, that we would know you as our steadfast foundation.

All seems quite rational in contrast to the jihadism of Westminster’s no dealers.