Belgian football presenter charged with armed robbery 3 years ago

Belgian football presenter charged with armed robbery

Stephane Pauwels is a prominent footballer presenter in Belgium and France

A top Belgian football television presenter has been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. Stephane Pauwels was reportedly charged after being arrested in an affluent Brussels satellite town.


Pauwels, a prominent television presenter who has hosted shows in both Belgium and France, was arrested in a raid and is suspeced of "armed robbery with a firearm, at night, as part of a gang", according to the federal prosecutor's spokeswoman Wenke Roggen, who spoke to AFP.

The raid, which was described as a "home invasion", took place in 2017 as part of an ongoing investigation into armed robberies, burglaries and drug dealing.

Five people are currently in custody, and Pauwels was granted conditional bail on Wednesday.


He has been suspended by his employer, Belgium's largest private television station, RTL-TVI.

Though mostly known for his work in football, Pauwels has also hosted a French television show called "Storms of Life", which details the trials and tribulations of both celebrties' and ordinary people's lives.