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23rd Sep 2023

BBC accidentally play Huw Edwards clip live on air

Joseph Loftus

‘You may have noticed that was an older episode’

A technical blunder earlier today meant that the BBC accidentally played a Huw Edwards clip live on air.

On BBC One this morning, Edwards unexpectedly popped up prompting an apology from the host.

Edwards hasn’t been seen on television since he was named publicly back in July as the “star” being investigated following allegations of sexual misconduct.

The 61-year-old was accused of paying £35,000 to a vulnerable teenager in return for explicit photographs.

This morning (September 23), the Breakfast programme cut to a clip from Newswatch back in 2017 which told of Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean and was presented by Edwards.

Breakfast presenter, Ben Thompson, then quickly jumped back onto our screens to apologise for the “technical gremlins” which caused the footage to be shown.

More specifically he said: “You might have noticed, the eagle-eye viewers amongst you, that that was quite an old episode, so we will find the right one and bring it to you later.”

But it was too late to go unnoticed with lots of people taking to X to voice their take on the blunder.

One wrote: “Saturday mornings and always hit and miss.” Another said: “This is very poor BBC.”

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