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12th Apr 2022

Baseball star’s butt goes viral after he uses it to deflect ball and ‘breaks the internet’

Kieran Galpin


Baseball looks cool, let’s watch baseball

A baseball player defied belief when he used his bum to deflect a ball, earning his team the win and breaking the internet in the process.

During the first inning of Oakland Athletics, also known as the A’s, clash with the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field in Florida on Monday, Sean Murphy, 27, stuck out his bum just as pitcher Chris Mazza threw the ball.

Upon realising the positioning of the ball, Murphy seemingly adjusts his stance for an alternative play.

The ball bounces off his bum – and now, Murphy has seen viral fame akin to Kim Kardashian’s famed PAPER magazine shoot. You know the one.

A close-up shot was shared by Jombow Media who wrote: “Ball didn’t stand a chance.”

“Sean Murphy’s booty is going to break the internet,” a fan pointed out.

“I’m gonna start watching baseball now damn,” wrote dating app Grindr’s official Twitter account.

Another user may incite a Twitter riot by writing: “Sorry chris evans, you are no longer america’s ass.”

“Sean Murphy apparently robbed a bakery on the way to the ballpark,” wrote sports pundit Mike Golic Jr.

Murphy may have also inspired the next generation to take up sports, as evident by one user who said: “Maybe I was wrong about sports.”

Another echoed their sentiment: “baseball is a very interesting sport love it.”

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