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18th Nov 2023

Bartender slams customer who asked for ‘no ice’ to get more alcohol in his drink

Joseph Loftus

‘Lol, he literally just don’t want his drink getting wattery’

A bartender has ignited a furious debate on the endless pages of the internet after calling out a customer’s alleged attempt to get more booze in his drink by asking her for no ice.

Jemima June, who works at a club in Nashville, Tennessee, left people going bananas in the comment section after she posted a TikTok video of the interaction earlier this week.

In the clip, which has since been watched almost TEN MILLION times, a boozer can be heard asking for a tequila cranberry with no ice.

The man then repeats his request for no ice to which Jemima asks: “Do you want a DOUBLE tequila cranberry?”

She then says: “Just cause you say no ice doesn’t mean you’re gonna get more alcohol. Double, that means you’re gonna get more alcohol.”

Honestly, bit of a vibe kill, and what if the lad just hates his ice?

See, even I’ve got an opinion on the video, and you can bet your bottom dollar the rest of the folks online do.

One person wrote: “OK but sometimes we just want more drink, not more alcohol, so we don’t finish our mainly cup of ice in 5 seconds.”

Another commented: “Lol, he you literally just don’t want your drink getting wattery.”

A third wrote: “Lemme get no ice without the attitude.”

Others, however, were on Jemima’s side, with one commenting: “The people in the comments pressed about this would NEVER survive as a bartender.”

Another wrote: “Us bartenders know exactly what no ice means. You knew instantly. Your face was like okay no ice, got it.”

Whose side are you on?