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12th Oct 2022

We might still get a bank holiday for King Charles’ coronation

Charlie Herbert

We might still get a bank holiday for King Charles' coronation

The idea has received support from both the Tories and Labour

A bank holiday for King Charles III’s coronation is still a possibility Downing Street has said, despite some sources saying it was highly unlikely.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman has insisted that “all options remain on the table” after MPs called for Brits to get a day off.

On Tuesday, it was confirmed that Charles would be coronated alongside Camilla, the Queen Consort, on Saturday 6 May, at Westminster Abbey.

Initially, the Mirror reported that ministers had agreed it was “highly unlikely” the nation would be given any extra time off for the coronation.

However, calls for a bank holiday have grown overnight, with a number of MPs calling for this.

One potential option is for the pre-existing May 1 bank holiday to be pushed back a week to created a three-day weekend from 6-8 May.

Tory former Cabinet minister David Jones told the Daily Mail: “To combine the two events would be welcomed by the entire nation.

“It would make a very special memory for all of us.”

His comments were echoed by former Labour frontbencher Khalid Mahmood, who said: “We can move the holiday back to the coronation weekend.

“We have a unique system with the monarchy and an independent parliament – I would back Britons having a three-day weekend to mark the occasion.”

The PM’s official spokesman said: “This will be a historic event, celebrated by millions across the country. We are carefully considering plans now that the Palace has confirmed the date.

“I don’t have the full details for you at this point.”

Asked if a bank holiday was possible, the spokesman replied: “Yes, all options remain on the table to recognise this hugely significant event for the UK.”

When quizzed on whether that could include moving the May 1 bank holiday he replied: “We’re considering all options. The date was confirmed at 6pm yesterday so we will update as soon as we can.”

The proposal has received support from Labour as well, with a spokesman for Keir Starmer saying: “I think that would be a good way for the country to be able to celebrate the coronation.”Obviously it’s all a conversation to happen between the Government and the Palace as to what to would be appropriate but moving the May bank holiday forward or back… to that weekend would be a good idea.”

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