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30th Jan 2022

Anti-vaxxer Laurence Fox says he’s got covid-19 – and is taking Ivermectin to treat it

Charlie Herbert

The prominent anti-vaxxer admitted to taking a concoction of medication to fight the virus

Vaccine sceptic and anti-lockdown campaigner Laurence Fox has revealed that he has tested positive for covid-19, and that he is taking horse dewormer as a treatment.

The anti-woke activist, who received less than two percent of the vote when he ran for London mayor last year, tweeted a picture of a positive lateral flow test on Sunday morning.

Above it, he wrote: “In other news, felt shivery and crap yesterday. Turns out I have been visited by Lord Covid at last and have the Omnicold (if the LFT is to be believed!)

“On the #Ivermectin, saline nasal rinse, quercetin, paracetamol and ibuprofen. More man flu than Wu-flu at the moment.”

He has caught covid just days after tweeting a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt with a slogan saying “No vaccine needed, I have an immune system.”

Fox has previously said that he would not get the vaccine until after 2023, when he claims all the tests needed to convince him of its safety will have been completed, according to the Guardian.

Unsurprisingly, after hearing the news of Fox’s positive test, a lot of people pointed out the irony of him refusing the vaccine because of his mighty immune system but then taking a concoction of drugs and treatments to try and fight the virus.

In a later video he said: “Huge shoutout to those that whenever they get a bit ill are willing to take a totally novel, brand new technology, MRNA treatment with absolutely no long term data ahead of medication that has been prescribed billions and billions of times across the world.”

He admitted to “feeling a bit man fluey” but said he would “fight this.”

Fox finished by saying: “To you brave vaccine guinea pigs, I fully recommend you and support you desire not to take panadol ever again or ibuprofen. Because that’s some dangerous shit.

“You stick to the vaccines.”

Ivermectin is an antiparasitic treatment used mainly for animals but approved in different doses to treat some parasitic worms in humans. There is absolutely no evidence for it being effective at preventing or treating Covid.

The covid-19 vaccine is proven to dramatically reduce the chance of getting seriously ill with the virus, and went through a number of clinical trials to meet strict international standards for safety, quality and effectiveness.

You can read more about the safety and side effects of the vaccine on the NHS website.

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