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02nd Jun 2021

Anti-vaxxer in hospital with Covid after saying vaccines would wipe out ‘stupid people’

Claudia McInerney

Far-right talk show host said “I’m going to survive the genocide” before being hospitalised with Covid-19

Rick Wiles, a far-right American conspiracy theorist and an anti-vaxxer has been hospitalised with coronavirus after claiming that Covid vaccines would “kill off stupid people.”

Wiles, who also hosts a right-wing Christian talk show, said in May that he would never get vaccinated. However, the host’s website, TruNews, said in a recent announcement that Wiles had become infected with Covid and has since been hospitalised with the disease and that he had received oxygen, as reported by Right Wing Watch.

TruNews website, which was founded by Wiles in 1998, contains conspiracy theories often labelled as racist, homophobic, antisemitic and Islamophobic.

Speaking publicly last month, the talk show host said: “I am not going to be vaccinated. I’m going to be one of the survivors. I’m going to survive the genocide.”

“I am not going to allow the Covid maniacs to convince me to be vaccinated or to vaccinate me against my will,” he continued.

Wiles added: “The only good thing that will come out of this is a lot of stupid people will be killed off. If the vaccine wipes out a lot of stupid people, well, we’ll have a better world.”

The TruNews website said recently that eternal damnation would await any individual who made fun of Wile’s current health condition.

The website read: “Already, the naysayers and mockers have started with their taunts.

“Let them speak their foolish words and let them mock. It will only serve to be used to fuel their flames of torment in hell unless they repent.”