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17th Nov 2015

Anonymous have struck their first major blow in war with ISIS

This didn't take them long...

Ben Kenyon

When Anonymous wage a war, you better believe they’re coming for you.

It’s barely been 24 hours since the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing hacker group declared a major cyberwar against the Islamic State, but they appear to have struck their first big blow on the group known as Daesh.

Anonymous have come good on their vow to hunt down and expose ISIS supporters – just as they did with alleged members of the Ku Klux Klan in America.

A list was leaked online containing suspected Islamic State militants and supporters’ internet accounts, and as a result more than 5,000 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts have been taken down.

ISIS are very active on the internet and spread their propaganda through social media channels, via trending topics and hundreds of  Twitter accounts.

Taking these accounts down means it will dent their immediate social media reach, even though new accounts can spring up quickly.

Anonymous has started up an official #OpParis Twitter account where updates on their cyberwar ISIS are posted

Softpedia report that a central website has been set up called #opIceISIS to index ISIS terrorists and supporters based on their real name, location, picture, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

The database can be searched by anyone or terrorists and supporters can be added to the list.

There are believed to be more attacks planned imminently…