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11th May 2022

Americans horrified as Prince Charles talks about cost-of-living crisis from golden throne

Danny Jones

Americans react to Prince Charles gold throne

You and us both

It would seem our friends across the Atlantic were just as taken aback by the sight of Prince Charles delivering the State Opening of Parliament speech on Tuesday as we were.

Americans on social media have been reacting to footage of the royal next in line for the throne discussing the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK – all the while sitting on a literal gold throne, adorned with diamonds, clad in medals himself and sat next to a jewel-encrusted crown.

The Prince of Wales delivered the speech which signals the government starting another session of parliament after the Queen pulled out of her regular annual address – the first time she has done so in 59 years.

The 96-year-old’s current health has been of much debate in recent weeks and months, with palace officials citing “episodic mobility problems” in this instance. She has only ever missed the state opening twice before: when she was pregnant.

Speaking in her place, Charles explained how the government’s top priority is to “ease the cost of living for families”, levelling up sectors across the country and get more people into work. And they say it’s Americans that don’t get irony…

The opulence underpinning the speech, especially given the context of his surroundings in relation to the struggles most people in Britain are currently facing, has been almost universally panned.

Moreover, the moment has once again brought rise to claims that the Royal Family are out of touch and yet more calls to abolish the monarchy across social media.

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