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14th Apr 2015

American accidentally shoots mother-in-law gunning down an armadillo

Nothing is harder than an armadillo

Ben Kenyon

We’ve all been there.

There’s an armadillo in your back garden so you pull out your pistol and take aim.

No? Nobody?

Okay, well this guy in America spotted one of these armour-plated creatures and tried to shoot it (for some unknown reason).

But unluckily for him, the bullet bounced off the armadillo’s armour plates (obviously) and hit his mother-in-law who was sat inside her caravan more than 100ft away.

Bet he didn’t see that coming. Luckily for him, his mother-in-law was okay, the armadillo not so much though.

Anyway, this whole sorry episode reminded us of this funny Harry Enfield advert from the 90s…

(H/T Daily Mirror)