Afghan mums throw babies over barbed wire fences and beg soldiers to take them 3 months ago

Afghan mums throw babies over barbed wire fences and beg soldiers to take them

Mothers hand their Babies to freedom

Heartbreaking images of Afghan mothers handing their babies to British soldiers have surfaced on social media. In a desperate attempt to save their children, mothers handed their kids over barbed wire fences for paratroopers to take to safety.


Hamid Karzai International has seen chaotic scenes arise with hordes of people attempting to flee the alleged persecution of the Taliban forces. The Baron Hotel, which has become a focal point for Afghan escape is currently guarded by Parachute Regiment troops.

One paratrooper told The Independent: "The mothers were desperate, they were getting beaten by the Taliban.

"They shouted, “save my baby” and threw the babies at us," they said.

They continued: "Some of the babies fell on the barbed wire. It was awful what happened.


"By the end of the night there wasn’t one man among us who was not crying."

Another military officer spoke about the scenes to Sky News about the scenes at the airport.

He said: "It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking the soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire.

"I’m worried for my men, I’m counselling some, everyone cried last night."

While mothers desperately try to hand their babies to freedom, the Taliban are reportedly taking note of their numerous acquisitions following their takeover of Kabul.



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