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04th Sep 2015

A powerful video that drives home the plight of Syrian refugees – and how you can help (Video)

Heartbreaking stuff.

Nooruddean Choudry

As we witness the heartbreaking images of refugees in desperate peril, it is beginning to hit home just how nightmarish their plight really is.

We can read about huge statistics, but such is human nature that it can often fail to properly hit home. Sometimes it takes the tragic death of one child to stab at our conscience and wake us up to the horror of what’s really going on.

The immediate reaction is to feel sad and helpless – you want to do something to aid the people in need but what? Well there are very real, important ways in which we can help.

Save the Children have produced a powerful video that puts us as Britons in the shoes of the Syrian people – what if we were the ones in peril? How would it feel? This moving short gives us a merest taste – it’s not easy viewing but it really drives home the point.

If you’re moved by this video or anything you have seen in the papers or in the news, you can donate to Save the Children here. The Independent have also produced a practical guide of how you can help those in desperate need.

As the video says – just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.