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27th Jun 2022

Woman, 70, ‘viciously beaten’ at Russian checkpoint after refusing to give up passport, Ukraine claims

Danny Jones

Ukrainian woman beaten by Russians

The soldiers are said to have broken her spine

A 7o-year-old Ukrainian woman was allegedly beaten by Russian soldiers while attempting to cross a military checkpoint after she refused to hand over he passport to occupying soldiers.

Reports of the civilian assault in the city of Kherson began circulating after author and former UN ambassador for Ukraine, Olexander Scherba, shared an image of the elderly woman bruised and bedridden on social media on Saturday.

While the claims are yet to be verified, the city of Lviv’s 1st Medical Union confirmed that they were treating an elderly woman, identified as Tetiana Antoniuk, who was hospitalised after she and her neighbours reportedly attempted to escape the port city.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared an image of Antoniuk in care, claiming that her spine was broken as a result of the assault. Putin ordered new Russian documentation to be handed out across occupied regions earlier this month but the pensioner is said to have refused to hand over her Ukrainian passport.

Writing on Facebook, the medical union said that Antoniuk is a retired journalist and had been volunteering in the Russian-controlled region when she and her friends tried to leave.

They went on to describe how she was left “half-conscious, with a fractured spine” and “could barely climb into the car and escape from the enemy checkpoint”.

There have been countless reports of violence and potential war crimes carried out against civilians since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, with reports of everything from rape and executions, to Ukrainian soldiers being buried alive.

Reports have also suggested Russian soldiers are growing weary of the frontline, with Ukraine’s defence ministry intercepting transmissions exposing soldiers plotting fake marriages and even shooting each other in the leg in order to be discharged early.

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