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08th Jun 2022

Russian troops have been plotting fake marriages to escape Ukraine war

Danny Jones

Russia soldiers are plotting fake marriage to get out of Ukraine war

A reminder that this is Putin’s war, not Russia’s

Desperation is increasing on both sides of the conflict as intercepted transmissions have revealed Russian soldiers allegedly plotting fake marriages in a last-ditch effort to get out of the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Security Service has been sharing numerous pieces of intel with the general public since the invasion began on February 24 in an effort to raise awareness of the conditions on the frontline – and in one of their most recent social media posts, a phone call seemingly reveals that Russian troops have been plotting fake marriages in order to be discharged from the fighting.

In a translated audio message, a male soldier tells a friend: “I already f***ing told one of my [female] friends, ‘F***, go submit an application to [the marriage registration office].’ I’ll f***ing tell them about it here. Shit, they said, no f***ing way, that’s not an option.”

The unidentified man goes on to insist that “everyone here is trying any possible way [to get out] … but there’s no way”, and this is by no mean the first time we have heard of the measures – some much more extreme – that soldiers are going to to try and get out of the war, with another transmission supposedly revealing that forces are running low on water and are “morally depressed”.

Aside from confirming atrocities such as soldiers reportedly raping Ukrainian civilians, other messages obtained by the war-torn country’s security service have revealed that Russian troops are going so far as to shoot themselves in the leg in an attempt to be sent home.

While Vladimir Putin clearly still has those close to him that are willing to continue his campaign, it is becoming ever clearer that vast sections of the Russian population do not want this war, as exhibited by mass protests across the country in recent weeks and months.

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