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11th Nov 2018

Spice Girls fans enraged by £1,000 tickets on resale sites

Victoria Beckham won't be there and neither will most of the Spice Girls' fans

Oli Dugmore

Spice Girls fans

Victoria Beckham won’t be there and neither will most of the Spice Girls’ fans

Spice Girls fans are enraged. They’re furious. Apoplectic. Incandescent in their emotion toward Ticketmaster. Nasty, nasty Ticketmaster. Definitely not Spicy.

As anyone who has purchased tickets online for sporting occasions, concerts, stand up gigs and the like (so essentially everyone with a debit card) will know – it is difficult. Almost getting harder.

There is a racket in auto-purchasing tickets and then immediately re-listing them on resale sites like Stub Hub and Viagogo at inflated prices. Tickets to the Spice Girls tour originally retailed for £66 but were available on Viagogo the same day for £140. Some prices have gone as high as £1,000

Such was the demand for tickets that new dates were added to the tour at 11am on the day of sale.

But the spicy girls of Twitter will not be placated. They are enraged.

Ticketmaster’s website not working properly, the queues opening two minutes early. It is tough at the top of the Spice Girls fan girl pile.