Woman shares theory that we never really die and people are freaked out 4 days ago

Woman shares theory that we never really die and people are freaked out

Trigger warning: Prepare for an existential crisis

TikTok users are losing it after one creator suggested her theory that we never actually die and the earth has probably ended countless times without our knowing.


TikToker Joli Moli has suggested that we don’t actually die but instead our consciousness travels on to an alternate reality. She indicates that should we die at this moment, we would merely wake up on another plane of existence without our memories.


Moli cites the quantum immortality theory as a possible explainer. This theory, coined by physicist Max Tegmark, suggests that upon what we perceive as death, our immortal consciousness is merely reborn in another parallel universe. It builds off the idea that nothing can be destroyed or created - only recycled.

But things get even creepier when Moli continues to suggest that the world has probably ended countless times since that naughty asteroid wiped out the T-rex and his buddies.

“If the quantum immortality theory is correct, you’re just going to wake up in a parallel universe with no memory of the fact that you just survived an apocalyptic event,” Moli said.

The creator also cites the Mandela effect as potential evidence of previous lives in alternative realities. The Mandela effect popped up following the eponymous leader’s’ death in 2013. Many people believed Nelson Mandela had passed decades earlier, with some saying they remember his televised funeral.

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This sparked others to call out things they perceived as inaccurate. For instance, Curious George apparently never had a tail, Febreze never had two e’s, there was never a 'T' in Skechers, C3PO has a silver leg and alcoholic drink Chartreuse is not pink - it’s actually green.

The meaning of life and death have always sparked outlandish theories, which some argue is to relieve the gloom and suddenness of death. From living in a simulation to supernatural reincarnation, theories on life are constantly popping up.

The internet loves its far-reaching theories and conspiracies - and this one is no different.


“Ok, I’m actually kind of freaking out right now coz I’m not the conspiracy typa guy, but you’re like eerily making sense,” posted one person.

Another said:” Bruh, I’m just done with this anxiety. My body [is] emotionally [and] physically TIREDDD.”