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04th Nov 2021

Woman shares ‘genius’ hack to stop your windscreen freezing overnight

Danny Jones

If it really is that easy, it’s a game-changer

We all have our own little life hacks that we integrate into our daily routine and occasionally boast of at parties (between scintillating conversation and casual flirting) and this particular one comes just in time for Christmas and the cold weather.

Kristen Louise Parry – or @kristennp_ as she is known on TikTok – has discovered an ingenious method for how to stop your windscreen freezing overnight as the low temperatures approach.

Come winter time, there is nothing more annoying than waking up on a Monday morning and getting ready to drag yourself into work only for the first task of the day to be chiselling your way into the car in an experience that chills you right to the bone.

Well, my friends, no longer – not one more second of it – all thanks to Kristen.

@kirstennp_Like a crisp?? ##fyp ##frozen ##ukweather♬ original sound – Kirsten Louise Parry

No. Freezing. Way.

It makes annoyingly perfect sense, right? All over the moisture that would typically coat your windscreen as the rain, frost and snow start to come down as we enter winter is not only being blocked by the layer of cloth but it’s actually being absorbed by the towel itself – because that’s what they do.

As you can see, it’s clearly an easy way to stop your windscreen freezing overnight. Kristen lifts off the towel with seemingly no effort at all and even if a trial run does result in having to quickly pry off a frozen piece of fabric, it’s much better than having to get out the ol’ scraper and going to town on an icy windshield.

Every year we have to listen to Mariah Carey sing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Well, this year we want Kristen and her life hacks. Not all heroes wear capes, some just drape towels.

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