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05th Jun 2023

Woman left mortified after finding chilling note in charity shop blazer

Charlie Herbert

Note in charity shop jacket

‘I would definitely cleanse all energy and spirits off it!’

A woman was mortified after she found a ‘creepy’ note in the pocket of a jacker she had purchased in a charity shop.

The woman, called JoAnn, had found what appeared to be a thrift shop bargain when she purchased a lovely red blazer with floral embroidery on the lapel and pockets.

But when her and her partner Scott returned home, she found a message from the previous owner pinned to the inside. 

JoAnn in her thrift shop find (Facebook/Scott Murray)

It read: “Bury me in this red suit.”

Clearly, the previous owner’s family and friends hadn’t been made aware of their dying wishes. and had donated the jacket to charity.

It was only when the couple got home that they discovered the note in the jacket pocket (Facebook/Scott Murray)

Scott shared the chilling discovery on Facebook, along with a picture of JoAnn in the jacket.

He wrote: “Thrift shopping JoAnn found this lovely red jacket and it had a note pinned in the pocket.”

The post has racked up hundreds of likes, comments and shares since it was first uploaded.

Expressing their sympathy for the previous owner, one person commented: “Oh, I hope she got buried in something wonderful.”

Another added: “Well, that makes me really sad.”

A third said: “So damn sad, her family most likely never saw this though.”

Meanwhile, others said they wouldn’t wear the jacket again if they’d found this note, with one person commenting: “That’s so creepy, I couldn’t wear it.”

Someone else wrote: “If you’re going to keep it I would definitely cleanse all energy and spirits off that!”

And some suggested the previous owner should have perhaps pinned the message in a more prominent place, such as the outside of the jacket.

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