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24th Apr 2015

Video: Condor Ferries rap shows that safety can be, erm, ‘cool’…

I'd like to see a captain's licence please...


Nobody enjoys listening to transport safety messages.

You’ve heard it all before, and anyway, if there’s an accident you’ll probably figure out what to do. Right?

Well, Condor Ferries have tried to improve those two minutes of tedium before a journey with their special take on delivering important safety advice.

It involves rapping to Rapper’s Delight by Sugar Hill Gang, a comedy ship captain and the lyrics: “I’m the C-A-P-T to the A-I-N and I’m here to let you know, that once you’ve heard the whistle go my instructions will flow.”

Predictably, the video is very embarrassing for all involved and features some of the worst miming we’ve ever seen.

Watching this, you almost want an accident to spare you from squirming in your seat any longer…