This study suggests the perfect bacon sandwich comes with brown sauce 5 years ago

This study suggests the perfect bacon sandwich comes with brown sauce

Did you know it was International Bacon Day this month?

According to our friends across the pond, International Bacon Day is a now 16 year tradition in celebration of the greatness of bacon.


*Consults Wikipedia* Conceived in Bedford, Massachusetts, International Bacon Day falls on the Saturday before Labor Day each year.

Which means it was last Saturday.

Sorry folks. Guess we dropped the ball there by not telling you sooner.

Pork Belly Shortage Drives Price Up Bacon Up

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BUT. Allow us to make up for that, by telling you the formula for the perfect bacon sandwich.



According to research conducted by Direct Line for Business and reported by The Telegraph, the perfect bacon sandwich comes in white un-toasted sliced bread, with smoked bacon and brown sauce.

Yep. Brown sauce.

Delving deeper, and 25% of British people prefer their bacon sandwiched between white bread slices, while 21% would rather have a white bap.

*Waves to the 6% of people who prefer their bacon sandwich with brown bread.*


In terms of toppings, 31% per cent of Brits would add an egg to their sandwich, 17% would add mushroom, with 14% adding cheese.

*Looks confused at the small number that would add avocado/lightly fried banana to their sandwich*

The results, which can be found in more depth here, are fascinating. It seems everyone has their own formula for a bacon sarnie.

Although the less said about Marco Pierre White's "microwave your bacon" method, the better...




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