This study proves almost none of us can cook anymore... 6 years ago

This study proves almost none of us can cook anymore...

We're living through a golden age of food in Britain.

Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and those hairy Geordie blokes have been leading the gourmet food revolution.


Not a day goes by when there's not some cooking programme on telly, a recipe popping up on your Instagram or somebody giving you a cook book as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Tesco even gave birth to the recipe for a Scotch egg Cornish pasty...okay, perhaps that was going a bit too far.

But if you thought the Great British public are all accomplished chefs and cultured gastronomes, you'd be very, very wrong.

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A new poll shows that 18 to 25 year olds only cook two of their own evening meals per week, once they've moved out of home.

The study showed that young Britons are far more likely to go back to their parents' house for a bite to eat or just order a takeaway.


The most common reasons for this, according to people asked, was they 'didn't know how to cook' (27%), they 'didn't know many meals' (28%) or simply because they couldn't be arsed (25%).

Most people in the poll were single and had flown the nest within the past two years and said the hardest part about fending for themselves was ‘cooking’ (39%), ‘cleaning’ (36%) and ‘waking up on time’ (27%).

We're surprised there weren't more responses of 'dressing myself' here, to be honest.

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The study found that young Brits spent double (£32) a week on takeaways than food from the supermarket, and when they're not cooking these are the top 5 ways they fill their bellies:

  1. My parents' home
  2. Takeaway
  3. Eat snacks instead of a meal
  4. At restaurants
  5. With my friends and/or their parents

VoucherCloud undertook the study as part of ongoing research into the lifestyle habits of young adult Britons.