This is what the very first Google page looked like back in the 90s (Pics) 6 years ago

This is what the very first Google page looked like back in the 90s (Pics)

Where the hell would we be without Google?

Probably a quivering wreck laid naked in a pool of our own tears not knowing how to boil an egg or how the United match finished.


It's literally the backbone of our entire lives (unless you're one of those weirdos that uses Bing).

You know it's become engrained in our everyday lives when it enters the popular lexicon - and not a day goes by when you're not telling your mates to 'google this', 'google that' or 'for the love of God, please google what the hell that wart is on the end of your chap'.

But Google hasn't always been the super-slick search engine with a billion photos, websites, videos and pictures of cats at the end of your fingertips.



It began back in the dark ages of dial-up connection when every page took about 20 minutes to load...and then looked like sh*t when it did.

We dug out this image of when Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, well er, first founded Google.

This is apparently the first example of the when it was launched way back in 1996 while we were probably playing Championship Manager, lathering our hair with wet-look gel and crying our pre-pubescent selves to sleep after England lost against Germany in the Euros.


Luckily for us they did a little design work on that Google logo and by 1998, when people started to realise the internet wasn't just some weird sh*t for middle-aged Star Trek fans, they came up with something that looks a little more familiar.


Then the following year ol' Larry and Sergey decided to kick that daft exclamation mark into touch and settle on a format that we have today. If you don't believe us, google it.