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19th Apr 2018

The weather could mean drivers are at risk of a £2,500 fine this weekend

James Dawson

Most of the time drivers don’t think about this before it’s too late.

I probably don’t need to tell you that we’re in the midst of the Dia de Fuego today. But if you can’t get out for a few jars this evening, don’t worry, because while today might be the ‘Day of Fire’, the hot weather is likely to continue into the weekend.

This might all sound like a good thing, however, it could land you in a spot of trouble if you don’t prepare yourself for your time on the road.

Although admittedly, it’s not a legal requirement to wear sunglasses, it can cause issues with the law. People behind the wheel of a vehicle need to pull over or slow down if “dazzled by bright sunlight”, according to Rule 237 of the Highway Code.

So, if a motorist chooses not to wear sunglasses, then the cops are well within their rights to charge them with “driving without due care and attention”.

The offense carries a £100 on-the-spot fine, however, if you contest the charge in court and are convicted, you could face it being stepped up to £2,500.

So, watch your eyes and make sure to drive safely this weekend.