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07th Jan 2016

The US lottery jackpot makes £60m UK Lotto haul look like spare change

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Ben Kenyon

Everyone has been wetting their pants over the record-breaking Lotto jackpot in Britain.

It has reached a dizzying £60m for Saturday night’s draw and everyone is going completely nuts over it.

But players over in American are probably laughing their arses/asses off at us all going crazy for what probably seems like small change.

Why? Because their very own record rollover jackpot now stands at a pant-sh*tting $675m – that’s £464m in proper money.

The prize pot has just been surging up and up as thousands of Americans have a stab at striking it rich. It went up from $450m to an incredible $524m (£359m) on Wednesday night – but nobody won, meaning Saturday night’s draw is the biggest in the country’s history.

80s vintage retro 1980s money

Who knows where it could end if Saturday draws a blank. However, unlike in the UK, winners of the Powerball don’t claim all the money.

The payout would have had an estimated cash value of more than $300m before taxes, according to the Powerball website, with the final amount dependent on the winner’s tax rate in their home state.

An 84-year-old named Gloria Mackenzie, of Florida, won the largest Powerball jackpot of all time in 2013, worth $590.5 million after a stranger let her jump the queue.