The Nando's menu just got a whole lot cheekier 6 years ago

The Nando's menu just got a whole lot cheekier

Just when you thought your cheeky Nando's couldn't get any cheekier, this happens.

The beautiful bringers of PERi-PERi chicken have dropped some brand new menu choices - and they look pretty damned good.


First up they've given chicken drumsticks the Nando's treatment. You can have three as a starter or four as a main fact f**k it, just order two lots.

The Nando's have gone and stuck a fox in the hen house...well, erm, a steak to be exact. We know, we know, they're famous for their chicken, but we still really want to give this Prego Steak Roll a try.


There's also a fillet steak and chargrilled veg wrap (which you can also sap on a pitta, if you're that way inclined) and chargrilled veg as a Fino side.

Christmas has come early, boys.