The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 47 5 years ago

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 47

Another week, another JOE Friday Pub Quiz.

Wait, that's not the right attitude. It's not just another week. It's not just another JOE Friday Pub Quiz. This is an amazing week. This is an amazing JOE Friday Pub Quiz. Are you feeling me out there?  People, make some noooiiiise!



Dunkirk is out this week, so round one is all about Christopher Nolan movies, followed as ever by sport. British cultural institution Love Island comes to a conclusion next Monday, so round three is a recap of this year's series. If you don't like Love Island, then the good news is you won't have to hear any more about it for another year.

The picture round this week is Whose Tattoos, where you have to figure out which celebrity is behind the tattoo, ending with a round on Ancient History.


That's the JOE Friday Pub Quiz, folks. There's something for everyone. Now go get that 25/25.