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25th Aug 2015

The internet’s reaction to Tesco’s bizarre new ‘Scotch egg pasty’ is hilarious…

"You are playing God"

Ben Kenyon

British cuisine has come so far in the past decade.

If you’d have offered a Northerner a quiche 10 years ago, he’d have slapped you across the face with it.

But now you’ll hear Welsh squaddies talking about “vol-au-vents to die for” they made last night or Brummy builders swapping tips on cooking with truffle oil. Well, almost.

But there’s some things even the enlightened British public is not quite ready for. You can go too far. There’s a line, and it seems Tesco crossed it when they created the Scotch egg pasty.

It seems creating a hybrid of the much-loved Cornish pasty and the equalled-treasured delicacy of the Scotch egg was one culinary step too far.

Some of the responses on Twitter were absolutely priceless…

If you’re keen to try this Frankenstein food, then here’s the recipe. Just don’t let the internet know you’re doing it.