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21st Mar 2015

The first ever tweet was sent 9 years ago today

Did Jack Dorsey know he was about to take over the world?

Tony Cuddihy

Who remembers life before 140 characters or less?

Jack Dorsey changed the world nine years ago today with these five words.

Four months after Dorsey’s first tweet the site was publicly launched and the name stretched out to include the vowels.

Twitter was born and now sees around 288 million people use the site on a monthly basis, with more than 500m tweets sent every day.

The company tweeted out nine of its favourite moments since 2006, including Barack Obama’s re-election in November 2012 and Germany’s World Cup win last summer.

Dorsey’s venture has become the second most popular social network after Facebook, and Twitter wrote on Saturday morning: ‘At our nine-year mark, we continue to say that Twitter is what it is because of the people who use it.

‘We will continue to thank you and celebrate you in the coming years as you use Twitter to reflect both the world at large and the world immediately around you.’