Sydney's New Year's celebrations suffers unfortunate typo 1 year ago

Sydney's New Year's celebrations suffers unfortunate typo

Of all the things to get wrong!


As one of the first countries in the world to help bring in the new year, folks down in Sydney were out in their tens of thousands to enjoy the huge, annual fireworks display.

It was a visual delight, and you can check out the Sydney Harbour Bridge display in full here:

However, some viewers did notice one teeny, tiny, practically insignificant mistake in the mix.

Well, when we say tiny, it is just one typo, but it is exactly the kind of typo you don't want to get wrong.

Let us all say it together: "You had ONE job!"

Speaking to Sydney Morning Herald, the city's New Year's Eve executive producer Anna McInerney said that while the team was not "pleased" by the mistake they were able to have a laugh about it and move on:

"It takes 15 months to organise an event of this size and scale. It was a mistake but we can clarify that it is actually 2019."

"Let's focus on the great stuff that happened last night, it was incident-free despite a little bit of lightning."