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30th Apr 2015

Survey reveals the pizza capital of the UK

It had to be a student town, didn’t it?


Is your city the pizza capital of the country?

If you live in Oxford, then the chances are you’re tucking into a 12″ as we speak…

That’s right, the student town has been revealed as the pizza capital of the UK, according to a new survey conducted by Papa John’s.

According to the survey, Oxford has the highest pizza consumption in the UK with 49 per cent of people eating the dish at least once a week, followed by Glasgow (31 per cent), Liverpool (29 per cent) and London (28 per cent).

The survey revealed some other interesting findings about the pizza habits of the inhabitants of Oxford; Monday is their favourite day to eat pizza, and pepperoni is their favourite topping.

No anchovies? What?

We’re kidding, of course…


Anyway, here’s a look at the findings in a nice, colourful infographic, because who can be bothered reading plain old boring text these days?