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12th Aug 2015

Snapchat’s new features look set to be a big hit…


As if Snapchat wasn’t distracting enough already…

The messaging service has rolled out a new set of updates on iOS and Android, and they’re bound to make a big difference.

Everyone loves emojis, and in the new update you can add a load of them to your snap, just like the one we’ve done below…


We won’t lie, everyone of our friends will be getting an emoji overload from now on and we aren’t even sorry.

Another big feature to be added is ‘travel mode’, which lowers the amount of mobile data the app uses.

One of the most annoying things about Snapchat was that it automatically loaded people’s stories once you opened the app, eating into your data package.

But now, when you’re in travel mode, you’ll be able to tap to choose which stories you want to load instead of downloading them all…


The update has been well received so far but what do you think of the changes to the app?