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27th Feb 2016

PICS: These are some of the worst Snapchat face swaps you’ve ever seen


Snapchat’s face-swapping feature continues to cause plenty of excitement – even if the results are a little scary.

The recent update is now available to everyone through the standard Lens menu – just long-press on your face while taking a selfie.

But don’t expect the image to always look exactly how you expected…

As well as allowing you to trade faces with your nearest and dearest, it can also detect faces that appear on stuff like bank notes – as proven by the tweet below…

Snapchat’s new feature goes further than other face-swapping apps. As with other Lenses, it reacts to any facial movements, meaning the face swap you create instantly becomes more animated – making it that bit more creepy.

This one is definitely our favourite though. The poor guy will never know…