Video shows man launch 'racist attack armed with umbrellas after first starting on homeless man' 2 weeks ago

Video shows man launch 'racist attack armed with umbrellas after first starting on homeless man'

He is also said to have been verbally abusing a homeless man

A man has been arrested following a racist attack in Cheadle, Stockport, where he was filmed shouting racial abuse a passerby and hitting him with a pair of umbrellas.


The video, originally broadcast on Facebook Live before being circulated on the likes of Instagram and Twitter, shows the as yet unidentified man calling a homeless individual a "P*** bastard" before proceeding to aggressively swing two umbrellas at him.

*Trigger warning: upsetting and offensive footage*


As you can see in the video, which was captured at around 8pm on Monday evening, the man in the video proceeds to follow the person shooting the clip for over two minutes, chasing him around Cheadle Village in the Greater Manchester suburb as he tries to defend himself.

Not only does the man in blue go on to say, "I'll kill you" but as is explained throughout the clip, he is said to have been harassing a homeless man while his friend stood by watching.

The homeless individual was situated outside a local Tesco Express when he says he was asked "what are you doing here?" by the man in blue, who reportedly continued to get "really aggressive" after the homeless person claimed he had served in Iraq. The individual is alleged to have then accused the homeless man of lying before calling him a "f***ing c***".


After a young couple tried to intervene in what police described as a "racially aggravated altercation", the man filming then got involved, at which point he is said to have received threats too, including the suggestion that "if you don't put that away I'm going to f***ing leather you."

The focus of the video has now been arrested on assault charges but is yet to be charged, according to the Manchester Evening News (MEN). A spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said in a statement:

"Enquiries are still ongoing at the moment but this type of behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstances and the matter is being dealt with. The victim of this assault has been updated and will continue to be supported by officers."

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