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30th Mar 2015

Spray back time for public piddlers in Germany

P*ss artists beware...

Nooruddean Choudry

Residents of Germany’s St. Pauli neighbourhood have declared war on problem p*ss artists by giving them a sprinkle of their own tinkle.

Locals of the Hamburg quarter grew so sick of the stench of urine in their streets that they have painted the walls with a special coating that splashes pee back on public urinators.

The superhydrophobic coating causes any fluid sprayed onto surfaces – in this case unwelcome wee – to splash right back on to the unsuspecting problem pee-petrators.

So be warned, if you’re ever in the St. Pauli area and you’re caught short in public, don’t attempt to p*ss in the public realm or urine for a nasty surprise…