List of people barred from London Pub is absolutely hilarious 8 months ago

List of people barred from London Pub is absolutely hilarious

What an array of characters.

One-armed Kieth. Mickey Two Suits. The Glaswegian. No, this isn't a list of extras in Snatch, but a list of people barred from a pub in London.


The list was posted on Reddit and has left people in hysterics. Along with Kieth, Mickey, and the Glaswegian, the list also includes 'Fat Paul', 'the ginger drunk tw*t called Angus', 'the ex con chav t***' and 'that blonde b****'.

And don't forget the enigmatic 'Jason', a man who clearly needs no introduction.

The list doesn't end there either, with a extra set of names having been added on a post-it note, which includes the delightful-sounding 'staring pervert' and a description of another which simply states: "Flat cap, coke fiend, barred for threatening regulars (and everything else)."


Watch out for 'Danny Miller/Danny Partridge' as well though, whose description simply reads: "He's back and he's fat."

The list of enigmatic characters (credit: Reddit)

Unsurprisingly, people went mad for the list on Reddit.


One commented saying: "Makes me wonder what the f**k Jason's deal is." Someone replied: "He needs no introduction, he needs no description, he's the first person they think of to put on the list... that f**king guy."

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One user had the brilliant idea of setting a live video stream to observe the goings-on in this pub, saying that it is "the Big Brother show the world needs."


Others thought the list read like the cast of an upcoming movie, with one person writing: "Fairly sure that is actually the character list from Guy Ritchie's new movie..."

Another said: "The whole list reads like the casting for a Guy Ritchie film."

Meanwhile some thought they would get on rather well with the list of intriguing characters. One person commented: "I want to go to the pub they are now drinking in. Sounds like it would be amazing."

A second added: "Personally, that banned list sounds like a hell of a party gang."