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26th Oct 2016

Next cutlery looks like they’re using an extremely offensive term to flog us forks

For fork's sake...

Laura Holland


Next has a range of cutlery which is part of their overall alphabet themed kitchenware. Each item has a letter on it, some are the first letter of what is kept in the item and some others are the first letter of the actual item.

For instance, a big “C” is on a tin which would be used to store coffee, while there is an “S” on the spoon handle.

Anyway, they have their alphabet cutlery arranged in packs so that it is in order of spoon, knife, fork and teaspoon, and so the letters read S,K,F,T.

Unfortunately, the way they’ve positioned the cutlery, the bottom half of the letter F is obscured, so it looked like it reads ‘SKET’.

In case you didn’t know, ‘Sket’ is a offensive colloquial term originating in the Caribbean, meaning…well perhaps it’s best you check Urban Dictionary for yourself. It’s not very nice.

Twitter user @amelia_perrin pointed out the letter placement saying, ‘Uh @nextofficial you might want to arrange ur alphabet cutlery differently next time.’

Next saw the funny side and replied, ‘Oh dear! That *is* an unfortunate angle. We definitely spell fork with an F though ;p’

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