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12th Oct 2015

New website lets you send friends or enemies a brick or potato

We're not joking...

Ben Kenyon

Christmas is just around the corner.

If, like us, you never know what the hell to get people, then this could be the website for you.

Forget all that painstaking shopping, the mile-long queues while fighting off hordes of other Johnny-come-latelies on December 24 over the last copy of Keith Lemon’s Christmas album.

Why not just send the person you love (or hate) a brick or a potato through the post. Because what says ‘Merry Christmas’ like a spud with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ daubed across it?

We literally can’t think of a better Secret Santa gift for that t**t in the office, who’s been bugging you for the past 364 days, than an anonymous house brick with a passive aggressive message attached.

To save you the trouble of going out and buying a Maris Piper, a marker pen, a stamp and a potato-shaped envelope there is actually a website that does it for you. We’re not even joking.

The ‘Brick or Potato?’ย site will genuinely make your potato/brick dream a reality, sending out your gift of choice around the UK with a personalised message attached.

Don’t believe us? Here…

That’s Christmas sorted, now back to FIFA.