Mystery creature seen walking upright outside US Zoo sparks fierce debate 2 months ago

Mystery creature seen walking upright outside US Zoo sparks fierce debate

'This is literally Sonic the hedgehog'

A mystery creature has been spotted on CCTV wandering around outside a Texas zoo late at night - and locals are baffled as to what it could be.


Images captured by security cameras inside a perimeter fence at the Amarillo Zoo in Texas appear to show a mystery figure walking upright outside of the zoo gates.

While not the clearest to decipher, the pictures - which were reportedly captured in the early hours of Saturday May 21 but shared in a recent June 8 press release issued by the attraction - appear to show a spiky haired person or creature walking on their hind legs.

It's definitely not just some guy in a fancy dress costume, so get that crazy idea out of your head right now.


As it stands, the identity of this mystery cryptid remains just that - a mystery. However with the help of the general public, the City of Amarillo is hoping they can finally crack the case.

"Was it a person with a strange hat who likes to walk at night? A large coyote on its hind legs? A Chupacabra? It is a mystery – for Amarillo to help solve," explains the City of Amarillo's official website.

"For now, the strange visitor is a UAO – Unidentified Amarillo Object. However, perhaps Amarillo has a better explanation."

While video footage of the sighting has yet to be released, Director of Parks and Recreation Michael Kashuba explained that: “It is important to note that this entity was outside the Amarillo Zoo. There were no signs of attempted entry into the zoo. No animals or individuals were harmed. There were no signs of criminal activity or vandalism.


“It is definitely a strange and interesting image. Maybe Amarillo can help solve the mystery of our UAO.”

Posting the image to Facebook, the internet's best answers to Agents Moulder and Scully wasted no time in getting to work.

"Clearly it is Rocket the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy," suggested one user.

"This is literally Sonic the hedgehog," offered another. Close - we there also saw plenty of these:


Meanwhile, others had more celebrity-focused ideas: "Kinda looks like Jack Sparrow"

Johnny Depp has been spotted in some unlikely places lately, to be fair.

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