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06th Jun 2024

My husband won’t let me see my dying ex-boyfriend one last time

Ryan Price

A Reddit post from a wife who wants to see her ex-boyfriend one last time before he dies, has sparked a lot of debate in the comments section.

In a post entitled, ‘Husband won’t let me see my dying ex’, Reddit user LowClassic8093 asked: “I went no contact with my ex after we got married. I was recently contacted by my ex’s brother because he (ex) has cancer and it’s terminal.

“He’s in hospice,” she continued. “His brother explained to me that one of my ex’s wishes was to talk to me face to face for something important. They both insisted that it had to be done in person.

“He wouldn’t explain what it was because he said he didn’t even know.”

Her husband’s reaction to the request was pretty strong and stonewall.

“I told my husband about this, and he told me absolutely not; I cannot visit him. I understand his feelings about this, but this person is quite literally dying.

“We have to come to a decision, and I don’t know what’s the best thing to do. I’m asking here, and I want to know how other people feel about it.”

The post has thousands of comments and replies, with people sitting on either side of the fence regarding whether the wife is within her rights to go see her ex, or the husband is correct to stop her from doing so.

One user wrote: “This person is dying, what harm in saying goodbye. He was part of her life now she’s chosen you forever.

“She will regret it forever if you don’t let her say goodbye. Trust her. Just my opinion.”

Another commented: “Go, but take your husband with you too for support. Easy.

“Her husband sounds like my man. He would advise against it strongly, but would always let me make up my own mind.

“Doesn’t sound like the husband is controlling or jealous at all, just caring and protective.”

A user by the name of Ramzy had an alternative point of view.

He wrote: “I wonder what mks her keep communication with her ex, anytime you mention ex in any relationship, it trigger something and it depends on what you said about your ex. I didn’t hear her saying let the husband go with her. It’s sad to know his dying but remember to maintain peace in your marriage.”

One other user wrote: “Wow! I’d go in a heart beat. If we all had a chance to say good bye!! I wish I had had that chance and Im happily married.

“I’d encourage my husband to go and say good bye to someone that was important to him.”

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