Mum says it’s not right for parents to charge adult kids rent 8 months ago

Mum says it’s not right for parents to charge adult kids rent

The mother has split opinion

A mum online has come out to suggest that charging children rent or board after they turn 18 isn't right, stating that it is "very strange" to charge your kids money "no matter their age".


The anonymous mother posted the opinion on Mumsnet and it has since received over 640 messages/comments, as it is clear that people are fairly passionate about both sides of the argument. The post reads as follows:

"I have a few friends who charge their adult DC [children] rent to live at home. I personally find this very strange, no matter their age my children will always be my children and welcome in my home without any expectation of money.

"I think as well with it being so hard for young people to get on the housing ladder these days one of the only ways they can is to live at home rent free so they can save for a deposit.


"AIBU? [am I being unreasonable?]"

Naturally, many people were quick to disagree with her, with many commenting along the lines of: "How will they learn to manage their money and budget if they don’t pay rent?" while another simply responded: "Stealth boast? Some of us can't support another adult for free..."

On the other hand, there were still people that sided with the original poster. One person commented: "I wouldn’t charge rent, and I know my parents wouldn’t have either (I moved out at 18 so it doesn’t really matter) - though they did add that they would "expect them to have some sort of plan for moving on I.e. to be saving for a house deposit".

One mum who posts under the name the RealhousewifeofBarnardCastle simply replied: "I’m with you OP".


However, it's clear that everyone is approaching this from a different angle, with many citing single parenthood, income and even just life lessons as a reason why charging your kids board is sometimes necessary or beneficial for both parties.

A study taken around this time last year published in The Guardian estimates that the number of young adults still living with their parents is on the rise, with many staying until they are in their 30s. In the same vein, many in the online thread pointed out that it is unreasonable for those still living with their parents to not pay rent and contribute to bills.

What do you reckon? Should you charge your children rent to live with you or should there be no expectation of money when it comes to blood?

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