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12th Oct 2021

Nicki Minaj hits out at Little Mix amid Jesy Nelson blackfishing outrage

Danny Jones

Nicki Minaj defends Jesy Nelson over 'blackfishing' claims

Minaj features on Nelson’s first solo single

Nicki Minaj has come out to defend Jesy Nelson, the former Little Mix singer, who has been accused of ‘blackfishing‘ in her latest single, ‘Boyz’.

The term ‘Blackfishing’ is commonly used when white entertainers attempt to adopt the appearance of black people or other cultures within their work.

The 38-year-old rapper made it clear that she did not buy into the claims of ‘blackfishing’ against Nelson, who left Little Mix in December of 2020 and has now embarked on the beginning of her solo career, sharing a tweet promoting their new track with a fairly clear message of support.

Nelson has been accused of wearing fake tan, wearing wigs, having fuller lips and even singing in “Blaccent” when delivering lines such as, “So ‘hood, so good, so damn taboo”, to appear more Black in the song.

The group have reportedly unfollowed Nelson across all social media platforms following the release. You can see the music video, which pays homage to P. Diddy’s iconic ‘Bad Boy for Life’, down below.

In an hour-long Instagram live with Minaj, Nelson explained she had been in Antigua weeks before the music video was shot and has naturally curly hair. In a recent interview with Vulture, she insisted that she simply loves “Black culture. I love Black music. That’s all I know; it’s what I grew up on.” – citing 90s and 2000s hip-hop and R&B as the best era.

As for her partner on the track, Minaj spoke out against the group, responding: “Sweetheart, take them text messages and shove it up your f***ing a**. Don’t try to come out and ruin anyone. Let her enjoy this time.

“If you was in this woman’s group and you ain’t taking about this sh** for 10 years, and as soon as you see she got a video come out with Nicki Minaj and Puffy, now you sending the stations text messages and all this sh*t […] print them text messages out, bust your a** open and shove it up your motherf***ing a**.” You can see full Instagram live here:

Nelson said that the notion of ‘blackfishing’ had only been raised as a problem once during the nine years she was in the girl group after Leigh-Anne Pinnock accused her of ‘blackfishing’ in their last music video together, ‘Sweet Melody’.

Minaj went on to warn the group, “stop trying to hurt people and kill people’s lives and careers. … If you want a solo career, baby girl, just say that.”

TikToker @NOHUN – an avid Little Mix fan – told his followers on the platform that he had even been messaged by a member of the existing group asking him to post a video explaining why Nelson’s actions constitute ‘blackfishing’. He went on to say that people don’t know the full story.

@nohun_Addressing the situation before it gets out of hand♬ original sound – NOHUN

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