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25th Mar 2021

Martin Lewis warns every person working from home not to miss out on free claim

Charlie Herbert

It’s all to do with those pesky tax deadlines

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert himself, is warning that millions of us may miss out on end-of-year tax rewards if we don’t act in the next three weeks. Some could claim up to £2000 from the government.

On his originally-named Martin Lewis Money Show, the 48-year-old presenter explained how 6 April is the deadline to claim for the 2016/17 tax year. Those who could be due tax rewards include married couples, first time buyers, those working from home, and people with savings in the bank.

Lewis said: “Right now, on many things, you can go back to the 2016/17 tax year but in three weeks’ time, on 6th April, you’ll only be able to go back to the 2017/18 tax year.

“That means, if you don’t do something quick, you risk missing out.”

Things like marriage tax allowance can be backdate four years, so there is not long left to claim for 2016/17.

People who have worked from home could claim tax relief of up to £125, based on how how much they have worked from home and whether or not they are a basic-rate tax payer, whilst you can even claim a tax rebate if your employer has not paid for a uniform which you have to wear at work.

Meanwhile some could be eligible for a discount or refund on their council tax, particularly if you’ve lived alone or are student.

Without wishing to bore you with the details though, the main point is this: if you think any of this could apply to you, have a check because from 6 April you can no longer claim for 2016/17.

And it could save you some cold, hard cash.