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23rd Mar 2015

Man wakes up to find himself an amazing £1.2m richer

All he did was wake up that morning. Why is life so unfair?


It’s the dream we all have: To become a millionaire overnight, but with no real talent and very little hard work.

Hell; Becoming multi-millionaires overnight is why all the staff here at JOE became writers and not rocket scientists or doctors.

And it almost/sort of happened to 21-year-old Kieran McKeefery when he woke to check his bank balance once morning to find it boosted to a whopping £1.25million back in January.

Kieran did the honest thing – at the insistence of his partner – and called his bank, NatWest, to inform them of the error.

It turned out that an investment company had made the error and it was up to them to retrieve the funds.

After what must’ve been a tortuous seven days, they took the money back but our lucky lad was left with an extra £250 in interest.

He said:

“I thought ‘oh god, what has happened’ – I was a bit shocked more than anything else. I called the bank and they said they would look into it.

I was kind of tempted to spend the money but I had read stories about people spending money mistakenly placed in their accounts and getting in trouble.

I spoke to my partner and she said to just leave it there and don’t touch it. I was buying a new car the next day and I could have paid for it in cash – and bought quite a few more – with the money in my account.”

Still, what a tale. How many people can say they ‘made’ and lost a million quid in seven days before their 22nd birthday?