Here's the truth behind Durex's newly announced aubergine-flavoured condoms 5 years ago

Here's the truth behind Durex's newly announced aubergine-flavoured condoms

The internet went into something of a meltdown early this week when Durex announced that they're attempting to introduce an aubergine-flavoured condom into your sex life.

Spurned by the success of the aubergine (or eggplant if you insist on being American about it) emoji, which can largely be attributed to its phallic similarities, it appeared that Durex had decided the time was right to unleash a rubber dedicated to the enormous vegetable.


This is how the news that the mighty aubergine would be joining strawberry, banana and orange in the condom maker's flavour arsenal was broken to the world.

Even if the aubergine is a sort of mascot for the millennial generation, its sex appeal is niche at best. It's no surprise, then, that the internet wasn't all that supportive.




One guy thought the condom's fate may well hinge upon how the aubergine had been prepared.


But mostly it was just outright disgust.

But in what will come as a relief to all of the aubergine detractors, Durex have since come out and explained that it was all just a marketing stunt; one that actually ties in with a pretty important conversation they've been trying to have for a while.

The emoji versions of hot dogs, cucumbers, peaches and, of course, aubergines are all sexting staples, but there still isn't a condom emoji. Durex wants this to change, as they think encouraging young people to talk about sex in a language they relate to could get more of them choosing to use protection.

"The idea of an Eggplant condom coming from Durex is pretty absurd," the brand’s global director Volker Sydow told The Drum in a statement. "But it is not as absurd as the fact that there is no emoji that enables young people to discuss safe sex easily in this language.

"We want to thank all the supporters of the condom emoji and assure everyone that we will continue to champion communication about safe sex in all forms."

As you were.