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20th Aug 2015

Guess what the No.1 cause of rows between British couples is?

You'll never guess....

Tom Victor

We’ve all had differences of opinion with our significant other from time to time, but think back and try to remember what the cause of it was.

While alcohol and family matters might see tempers flare, the main cause of arguments between British couples is, rather surprisingly, football.

The beautiful game led the way comfortably in a survey carried out by, with 57% of the 2,452 respondents selecting it as a cause of disputes.

Usually this came down to one partner watching too much football (37%) but getting too drunk (23%) or too rowdy (21%) when watching their team also featured highly.

So, how often do these football-based arguments arise? At least once a week for more than half of those affected.

Don’t worry, though, other things cause arguments too, like family (44% of those polled), alcohol (39%), friends (24%) and video games (11%).

Video games like…FIFA?